The Creeger House

Our office and museum facility is at 11 North Church Street – an artifact in itself. The house dates to the 1820s and was used continuously as a residence until 1971. It’s most prominent owner was John R. Rouzer, who bought the property in 1865 and lived in it until his death in 1914. Rouzer updated the rough-hewn log structure in the 1870s by adding a large dining room, digging a basement, and encasing the structure in brick. Please see our short biography of Mr. Rouzer for more information on his life story.

In 1926 Edwin and Ethel Creeger bought the home and lived in it until Edwin’s death in 1971. Mr. Creeger served in the US Army during World War I, owned an automobile garage then dealership between 1916 and 1957, and also was an active citizen in the Lions Club, Masons Lodge, and American Legion. His ancestors were among the original settlers in the area and were owners of the initial lots that make up the Main Street historic district. The Creegers had one son, Edwin Junior, who died at 23 in service during World War II; the town’s American Legion Post is named in honor of the younger Creeger. After Mr. Creeger’s death, Ethel never returned to the house until 1989, when she agreed to donate it to the Thurmont Historical Society. The property transfer occurred in 1990, and we’ve called our home the Creeger House ever since.

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