Of the various types of businesses someone might start, goldfish farming probably wouldn’t be on too many lists today. But, during the 20th Century Frederick County led the nation in goldfish production for a time, and Thurmont’s own Hunting Creek Fisheries was a leader among the competition. Fred Tresselt stumbled into a life with fish […]

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Thurmont lifers don’t need an introduction to the Cozy, but for the young among us and newcomers to the community it’s hard to overstate the influence and attraction that was the Cozy. Initially, it was a gas station with three small cabins and a few tents established in 1929 by Wilbur Freeze. Eventually the restaurant […]

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Amos Lucas

Have you heard of Amos Lucas? Mr. Lucas was born a slave in Virginia and is thought to be linked to a plantation owned by Edward Hamilton in Loudoun County. As a young man, Lucas became a clerk or assistant to Dr. John J Henshaw, who was a physician in the area and served the […]

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